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Start With a Free Business Valuation Range Estimate.

Why Know Your Value?

1) Understand your companies growth potential

An accurate baseline value helps you create an informed growth plan that includes marketing objectives, financial goals, and business strategies.

2) Work with potential lenders

Lenders use business valuations to show underwriters that you are secure and that your past financial performance will likely translate to future success. A valuation can help you prove to lenders that you'll be able to make payments on time and as agreed.

3) Tax Reporting

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) uses a business's fair market value to oversee tax-related events like gifting of shares or a company's sale or purchase.

4) Develop a Plan to Sell Your Company

Selling your company could require a master plan spanning five years or more. With an accurate business valuation, you can assess your company's financial health to inform your plan to sell.

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What Can You Do With It?

1) Predict the future with some accuracy

Future outlook is a big priority for business owners with a growth mindset. To create additional value, it's crucial to understand the current value.

2) Compare against the competition

Understanding past performance is the key to planning future growth. Using several years' worth of business valuations, specifically sale prices for certain transactions and price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio, companies can see how they've grown over time.

3) Establish a track record of success

Your valuation (or, better yet, several years' worth of valuations) can help you establish a track record of success to help instill confidence in potential lenders.



Start With a Free Business Valuation Range Estimate.

Make better decisions by knowing the value of your business.

Climb takes your real business data and turns it into an actionable business valuation that can help move your business forward. See what your value is today, scenario plan for tomorrow, and get insights into growth for the future.


What's Inside Your Valuation

Now you can know the value of your business, with the insights on how to grow it.

Business Valuation

Your business valuation based off your business data.

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Better Decisions

Based on your valuation, you can make smart business decisions to hit your business goals.

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Start With a Free Business Valuation Range Estimate.


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